Integrating Link Building with Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

Building backlinks is still really important for SEO success. But just getting links isn’t enough these days. To get the most value, your link building needs to work together with all your other digital marketing stuff.

That means linking up your link building with content creation, social media, website optimizations, and more. When you get all those things working well together, they can give each other a boost. 

In this post, we’ll look at smart ways to blend link building into your whole digital marketing strategy. Let’s dive in and get started.

Why Link Building Matters

Now you might be wondering – with all of Google’s algorithm updates, are links still that crucial for SEO?

Short answer: Yes, 100%! Quality links remain critical to search engine optimization. Here’s why:

  • Links are still a main factor Google uses to rank pages. More relevant links generally mean better rankings.
  • Links from trusted sites help Google see you as legit and authoritative.
  • Quality backlinks drive referral traffic to your site from people clicking links. More eyeballs on your content!
  • Link building means creating relationships with industry influencers. Helpful for partnerships.

Simply put, links are votes of confidence in your content. The more high-quality links you have, the more Google trusts your site. So even with the latest algorithms, link building is still super important for SEO success. The key is getting links the right way.

Now that we’ve covered why link building remains essential, let’s dive into the key steps you need to take to integrate link building across your digital marketing efforts.

Conduct a Link Ecosystem Audit

Before we talk about getting new links, let’s check out what links your site already has going on. This helps make sure your existing links are in good shape.

Run some audits and analyses on your current link profile:

  • Identify where your existing links are coming from – partners, guest posts, mentions etc. Make a list.
  • Use handy SEO tools to look at the value and quality of the links. See if there are any bad links hurting things.
  • Watch out for over-optimized anchor text. Too much of that looks spammy to Google.
  • See if there are chances to get more links from existing sources.

Doing a deep dive on your links right now clears out any issues. It also spotlights chances to build on what’s already working. This tune-up sets you up for stellar link growth moving forward.

Set Link Building Goals

Now let’s talk about setting some goals for your link building efforts moving ahead.

Having targets keeps you focused and helps track progress. Think about:

  • Short term goals – How many new, quality backlinks can you score each month? Start modestly.
  • Long term goals –  How much can you boost your overall domain authority in 6-12 months? Pick a realistic stretch target. For example, increase domain authority from 30 to 50 in 1 year.

Prioritizing getting links from popular pages and respected sites related to your niche. Links from authority sites pack more punch. Only go for links that would naturally fit on pages. Don’t force it. Setting the right goals keeps your link building efforts on track and moving forward.

Identify Link Building Tactics and Assets That Work for You

Now determine the tactics and assets you’ll use to achieve your goals. Lots of options to consider here:

  • Content assets – Guest posts, data studies, infographics and co-created content are proven link earning formats.
  • Digital PR – Pitch your brand, products, data or expertise to reporters to earn backlinks from roundups, citations and reviews.
  • Social – Develop relationships with partners, influencers and industry experts to mutually promote great content.
  • Site improvements – Faster load speeds, link-worthy resources and tools can incentivize links.

The best approach is trying a mix of tactics to build natural links at scale. Find what works for your brand.

Get Your Link Building Working with Other Marketing

Here’s a big tip: get your link building efforts playing nice with your other marketing initiatives. This multiplies the benefits.

Some key ways to integrate:

  • Content Marketing – Promote new blog and long-form content to earn links and grow traffic.
  • Social Media – Collaborate on influencer outreach. Align on link building and partnership goals.
  • SEO – Acquire links to optimize new landing pages and priority site content.

When all your efforts build on each other, you can score quality links at scale much faster.

Track How Your Link Building Is Working

Lastly, you need to track and measure your link building efforts. This ensures you keep improving and adapting based on what’s working.

Some key things to monitor:

  • Use Search Console to see new links pointing at your site. Spot trends.
  • Keep tabs on changes in your domain authority and other ranking factors over time.
  • Check if target pages are getting more organic traffic and better search rankings.
  • Look for increases in brand awareness and visibility online.

Keep refining and expanding your link building approach based on the data. This helps accelerate your SEO growth.

Final Words

Now you have a solid game plan for integrating link building and PR across your marketing. The key is taking a coordinated approach.

Some core takeaways:

  • Set clear goals and track progress. Don’t just build random links.
  • Create awesome assets optimized for links – content, tools, data studies.
  • Diversify your link building tactics. Find what resonates.
  • Ensure your content, PR and social teams are aligned on link goals.
  • Monitor effectiveness and double down on what works.

At its core, solid link building stems from providing true value, not just chasing links. Build relationships with influencers. Create content people love. Keep giving value, and authoritative links will come.

You can execute a robust link building strategy that builds trust and boosts your overall SEO with planning and persistence. Just remember that it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many links should I aim to build per month?
Start modest – try building 5-10 quality links per month from sites relevant to your niche.

Should I just focus on getting links from authority sites?
Prioritize links from authority sites, but also pursue opportunities on niche sites, directories, and through contributor content.

What’s a good way to track my link building progress?
Use the Search Console to monitor new links pointing to your site each month so you can see your growth.

Is guest posting still worthwhile for link building?
Guest posts allow you to tap into an established domain’s audience, so they remain one of the best ways to build quality links.

How often should I audit my existing links?
Conduct a full link audit 1-2 times per year to clean up any toxic links and identify new link buildings opportunities.