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Welcome! My Online Marketer is a major Shopify SEO agency that aims to boost your online store up the ranks of search engine results. We are here to change your online presence through creative SEO for Shopify tactics and solutions, expert insight, and skills for online marketplace.

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What is Shopify Store SEO?

Shopify SEO both have the skill and knowledge of helping your online store to be positioned to the top results of search engine result pages or SERPs. This SEO strategy is achieved by improving your website structure, content and user experience so as to get it noticed by the search engines such as Google. Shopify SEO company understands everything from top to bottom and makes sure that your store stands out on the marketplace online by doing keyword research that focuses on your products on optimizing your site architecture for better crawling ability.

Rank your Shopify Website in Google with our Shopify SEO Agency in London

  • Increased Visibility: We improve SEO and help to show your products on top of more possible buyers and making you rank higher in search results. We do this via content, technical SEO and link building efforts.
  • Better User Experience: A Shopify store that is optimized and has no SEO issues provides a smooth browsing experience which leads to many visitors staying longer and going further in the site.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Marketers use SEO tactics that are designed to bring valuable visitors and lead to higher sales and conversions.
  • Sustainable Growth: Traffic from an SEO strategy brings more value and has longer effects which offers long lasting ROI compared to paid ads. This traffic to your Shopify site means sales.

Why Choose Our Shopify SEO Service for your SEO Campaign?

  • Local Expertise: As an agency based in London we have deeper knowledge of the market in the UK and take into account the targeted audience to each of our clients for having a special marketing strategy.
  • Custom Strategies: We understand that each Shopify store is different. Our proven SEO plans are crafted to address your company’s specific needs.
  • Transparent Reporting: Get the latest information on a regular basis through monthly reports with clear and brief data that show your SEO achievements and growth.
  • Proven Success: The fact that our company has completed many successful Shopify projects is another way of proving how we can raise your brand to a higher level online.

Our Shopify SEO Services

  • Comprehensive SEO Audits
  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • On-Page SEO (product page optimization is included)
  • Technical SEO (site speed, mobile optimization, etc.)
  • Content Creation & Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Continuous Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Common Shopify Site SEO FAQs

What makes SEO on Shopify different from regular SEO strategies?

Shopify SEO offers only to the Shopify platform, focusing on its unique features and setup. SEO on shopify focuses on technical optimization for Shopify stores and user experience preserving the main concept of SEO.

How long does it take to see SEO results from your Shopify expertise in SEO?

Strategies for SEO are long lasting. It would take for about 3 to 6 months to see great changes usually in the rankings and traffic but it still depends on your niche and the current state of your website.

Can you guarantee Shopify success and that my store will rank #1 on Google?

No known SEO agency can promise number 1 rankings because of the unending change in the algorithm of search engines. But we are committed to apply the best practices to improve your store’s visibility and ranking.

Do you offer ongoing Shopify site SEO services?

Yes, SEO never ends. We can give you long term SEO and optimization services that adjust to search engine and market changes that are right for your business needs.

How much do your Shopify ecommerce SEO services cost?

We have custom services to give you what you need. Contact us so we can send you a custom quote for your project.

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