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Paid Social Media Ad Management!

"Advertising never stays the same; it evolves in a bid to stay current with the demands of the current digital age. The advent of Google which was soon followed by Facebook and other internet players lead to the emergence of new communication channels that opened up new ways of advertising. The subsequent outcome of this was the availability of a cheaper platform of advertising that meant killed the tradition of costly ads on tabloids that have a lesser outreach.."

  • Setting up & managing accounts on top social media websites
  • Create buzz and build brand loyalty for you
  • Increase engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Increase the number of social votes and followers.
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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

The cost of Facebook Ads is influenced by your target audience and the reach you desire to achieve. We off a trial package that lasts for three months that allows us to assess and increase the engagement rate of the adverts.

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Which Is The Best Social Media Ad Campaign For Your Business?

We recommend the use of a Post Engagement Campaign or a Facebook Like Campaign to increase your brand awareness. If your goal also includes increasing the volume of traffic to your website, then employing a Website Click Campaign will work. A Lead Generation Campaign will be the ideal choice if you are keen on getting new customers. You can know more about other effective strategies by visiting our Facebook page, calling or e-mailing us for further information.

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Should I Do Facebook Ads Myself Or Outsource?

Do not look at outsourcing your marketing campaigns are a costly investment; it actually will save you time and money. We at My Online Markter are specialists in Social Media Marketing. We have a team of experts who develop and implement Facebook Ads that will be value for your money.

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Paid Ads Or Posting To Your Page?

Facebook upgrades its News Feed algorithm, and the changes made it harder for business owners and marketers to do organic content promotion on Facebook. The objective of this move was to encourage marketers and business to develop adverts with the aim of landing a larger viewership.

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Targeted Marketing Through Tailored Ads

The Facebook Advertising Services at My Online Marketer can help you reach millions of people at a low cost. Facebook is more than a social media platform; it is a marketing tool that can be used to reach a targeted market and have them view ad tailored explicitly for them. In short, it is possible to develop customized ads tailored for a particular audience based on gender, age, occupations, behaviors, and interests.

Invest In The Right Facebook Marketing Experts!

Marketers can rely on Facebook to create different marketing campaigns. We can leverage it to generate leads or even increase traffic to your website. At My Online Marketer , we have a team of specialists to help you know all the available options and to help you pick the best one that suits your business needs.

We guaranteed that you get the most from your digital marketing endeavors when you invest in our monthly Facebook Ad Package. Our team will set up everything for you right from the get-go; we will create the advert, identify the right audience, develop the most suitable marketing campaign and give your monthly reports to ensure you stay abreast with how things are going.

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