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Finding a quality social media manager for your brand is important. Social media matters more now than ever before and it’s only going to be the trend in the future too.

With More channels than ever before and a global active base of over 2.2billion people, the marketplace for social media is huge. Making the most of this potential market is incredibly important and hiring a professional social media person to do so is a necessity to make your brand’s mark. So, what should you look for?

Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementWith dozens of incredibly popular social media sites now in existence, asking your potential social media manager, which they think is best for your brand is important. Some social media is more suitable to some areas than others and ensuring your potential employee understands which are best for a particular brand is a need to know.

Accomplishments for Social Media Management

Asking the social media manager are they accomplished in a social media environment and a social customer service environment and asking them to determine the difference between the two can be a true eye opener.

How to Deal with a Crisis in Social Media

The world of social media management can be one of turmoil and crisis, when things go wrong it can create all sort of potential brand problems. UK marketing recruitment specialist advise that you ask them how they would deal with such a crisis if it were to arise.

Important Social Media Metrics

Ask them how they will determine social media success. There are all sorts of metrics that allow you to showcase what’s important or not, however ask them the ones they think are most important for your brand. This gives you insight into what they determine is important. Here are some good metrics.

Blog and Social

Ask them if they have a blog and if they currently work on social media channels. The best way to determine how suitable they are is often to see the work they’ve completed.

These five different questions or queries should help you and your brand get a better idea of whether someone is up to task or not.

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Crowdsourcing has shaken up industries, disrupted markets and irrevocably changed the way in which innovative businesses are gaining customer feedback to progress within commerce. And with a wealth of technological tools at their fingertips today companies are more empowered than ever before in harnessing all that crowdsourcing can achieve. With this in mind here we take a look at the incredibly powerful tool of social media and we explore the ways in which businesses can use such platforms in improved ways for more successful crowdsourcing.

Twitter on tvCrowdsourcing: Just what can be achieved?

Crowdsourcing can seek ideas, innovation and funding. It draws upon the resources of the masses to drive businesses in the direction that consumers can truly shape. It may specifically seek ideas for new products, feedback for existing product development or potentially raise funding for a business goal or product.

  1. Harness the right platforms

Social media platforms are drastically different. Each one has its own demographics with users of certain ages, genders, job types, income levels and everything in between. To this end  we advise choosing the right social media platform to crowdsource through can seriously impact upon the people who may be driving change within your business. So ensure that you harness the right platform that features the right people.

  1. Consider paid promotion

Paid promotion across social media is today more advanced than ever. You can now place your adverts in front of people based upon a plethora of characteristics (even down to including interest in certain competitors).

This may also be important to ensure that you’re really hearing the people who are yet, for whatever reason, to purchase from you, who after all may be the most important people of all when considering how to increase market share and move the business forward.

So consider paid promotion if you really wish to reach a far wider range of people beyond your page or profile’s fans or followers.

  1. Use the right tools for seamless feedback

Social media platforms must be used in conjunction with feedback tools in order to actually gather opinions or ideas. This then means driving your audience over to your website, web form or social media integrated web survey (the latter of which consistently proves to be most effective as your crowdsourcees can’t get distracted back over to Facebook or Twitter before they’ve left their input).

  1. Ask the right questions

Your Crowdsourcing initiative may reach millions, stir up interest within your products and services and ensure that existing customers feel valued. However without the right questions being asked you’ll find that the eventual data that you end up with is of little use.

So be sure to carefully craft your crowdsourcing campaign and run a few tests upon a select few participants to begin with; that way you can be truly certain that your campaign will reap the innovation that you’re looking for.

5.Provide incentives

Consumers can undoubtedly enjoy the chance to drive changes within products and services, however this alone may not be enough to ensure that significant numbers of crowdsources partake within your campaign. So think carefully about incentives and, if you’re really clever, you can harness both crowdsourcing as well as a spike in sales through well designed product or service discounts for participants.

Questback has served as the instrumental key to social media crowdsourcing success for many an innovative company. Through advanced web surveys that are super social media friendly and via advanced features that provide comprehensive analytics they are helping their clients in harnessing all that customer feedback can achieve.


pricing_strategyA business social media policy is a must for businesses that utilise social media for their work. Whether it’s for promotional, customer support or other activities it’s a good idea to have such a social media policy in place.

So, we’ve compiled a list of ten different things to consider when creating yours.

  • Gather your team around and talk to them about what they think should be added and why? Include people from the legal, IT, HR and social media departments as well as yourself.
  • Create a culture that will encourage people to follow best practices and be transparent
  • Look closely at the legal ramifications of such a policy and how they may impact on your company
  • Have an overall policy, but also policies for different social media sites to ensure you cover all areas
  • If you already have policies in place that cover an area of your social media policy – use them. There’s little point wasting time reinventing things
  • Show external regulations in the policy – these make it crystal clear what’s acceptable or not. These may include employment or confidentiality regulations
  • Private and personal policies provide a clear playing field what employees can talk about online when at work and at home discussing your business
  • Train all staff in social media and also to use the internet safely. Education can be a huge benefit to people that use your business social media accounts, or do anything regards the web and your business
  • Why not get a solicitor to look over your social media policy for holes
  • Use it ! Too many companies create policies and then never use them.

Follow these tips and you will be capable of creating a stead fast policy that works for your business.

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