When choosing an SEO consultant in London you might previously know a little about search engine optimisation. However, how do you know you’re getting a king and not a pretender to the throne? There’s many an SEO expert in London, however not all of them may be suited to your particular business. So, here’s some questions you should be asking your potential SEO expert before hiring.

Questions for Choosing an SEO Consultant in London

Here’s a list of questions to ask when deciding on an SEO expert in the capital.

What SEO Experience do they Have?

Ask them how much experience they have had as an SEO expert? This will give you an idea if they have gone through a variety of different changes in SEO and have the in-depth long term understanding of how search engine optimisation works.

Can I see a list of your previous and also current clients?

This will allow you to gauge whether the SEO was satisfactory in their work and whether their achievements are as they claim to be.

Ask how they will improve rankings?

There are over 200 different factors that Google tends to use to measure rankings – some of these are more important than others. It’s good to ask your SEO so you’re clear how they will improve rankings. Ideally, they should perform and audit and then fix on-site issues to ensure your site is as SEO friendly as possible, before performing off site work. This should then include ethical link building, social media and on-site blog work.

Are they Familiar with how to Rank Local Results?

Local SEO is important for a lot of businesses and having a business that has proven it can push a site to the top locally can be a notable benefit. Reality is that due to the importance of local SEO, every local business needs to take it into account. Ensuring you have hired an individual company that can do this is important.

Do they Understand The Big Marketing Picture?

Does the SEO focus on rankings or conversions? The reality is ranking number 1 is no good if you’re not converting traffic into leads. A good SEO consultancy will understand this and be able to help optimise for you.

Ask about Communication Skills

Communication is important for an SEO expert and a good SEO is a problem solver who gets things done and understands how SEO works. They will be able to communicate changes that need to be achieved and need to be able to discuss matters with developers and content creators in a manner that everyone understands. This will also go

How do they Learn?

A good SEO will be someone who keeps up with the ever changing trends in this super-fast industry. It’s a good idea to ask them how they stay ahead of things and know what the future holds. Ask them where did they learn SEO and how do they stay on top of things is a good idea.

These are just a few questions to ask when choosing an SEO consultant in London



Link building comes in many shapes and forms and as you probably know by now, less is more.

Google killed off the whole notion of building links on a large scale years ago, meaning the idea of thousands of bookmarks or hundreds of article directory links is dead in the water. Even guest posting en-mass isn’t really an option unless you have a chunk of very good quality blogs.

However, as we said less is more.

Link building from authority blogs is the way forward and though on paper may often seem somewhat costly in terms of time and effort, pays back dividends in terms of results in the short and also in the long term.

Benefits of Authority Links

High Authority Link Building ServiceGoogle wants to trust your site in a very similar way to the way people do. Before the web even existed, publicity and trust was created in offline advertising i.e newspapers, magazines, brochures etc. If you were mentioned in the paper, you could say it built trust among an audience. Additionally, if you were mentioned in a trade publication, the same is true.

Buy Authority Links

In essence, the likes of the Huff Post and Buzzfeed are just the modern day equivalent of these the newspapers and magazines of old. Getting a mention in one of these – whether it’s an authority news site or the online equivalent of a trade publication, is worth its weight in gold and will carry a lot of power in the immediate and also going into the future. It’s the sort of online real estate that can really help website or a blog push its way to the top of the search engine results and in turn help dominate rankings.

Getting These Links

Needless to say getting these sort of links on authority sites is the hardest part. The likes of Forbes, or don’t give out links on a willy nilly basis to any old business. It’s all down to the journalism of old really and you need to manage to pique the interest of a journalist to get them to take notice of your site.

This means either doing something interesting or having some form of contact with the journalist. Our link building services provide the latter and we have contact with writers on a number of these authority sites and are able to pitch your site to them and in turn gain their interest, a contextual mention and a link that will drive traffic to your site and help you make those sales. These services can work very well for local SEO link building or national and international campaigns.

High Authority Link Building Service

Needless to say a nice contextual link on a very high authority site will also help you reap SEO benefits too. There’s a lot to be said for having a number of these relevant, high quality links in a backlink profile pointing to a website.

We’re always happy to do the hard work and put in the hard yards when it comes to link building and our SEO link building services are ideal for most sites.


Link building is still so important, never mind what some will have you think. Survey after survey shows that link building and the quality and suitability of links is the number one ranking factor in SEO. What’s changed is Google’s ability to determine whether your site has the right links or not. 

Building links for local SEO is somewhat different to building for national sites and in a lot of ways much finesse and attention to detail is required.

When building links for a larger national or international site, there is often more room at play. Creating blog content for large industry blogs, renowned general blogs and international news sites is often the norm.

Local SEO Link Building Services

This local strategy requires a different approach. Unlike larger sites, where powerful links are often the required type, local links need to take the size of the business, geographical area and in the case of the local map pack and directories – the correct NAP details are as important as the link itself.

Google understands increasingly what looks like a natural link and as such it knows that a small mom and pop business is going to naturally be more inclined to come by a link from a small local media outlet or a partially related business blog from the same town than 15 blog comments created via a scatter gun approach on larger international sites.

Natural is the Aim

Needless to say the issue when you think about it is quite obvious. A link in an editorial written by a local journalist about a charity drive looks a lot more natural and that’s the name of the game. Links need to look natural and ideally need to be natural and Google is increasingly able to spot patterns to the contrary.

Our link building service is focused on creating these natural sorts of links for your business and that’s why we’ve been deemed so successful at what we do.

We don’t tend to heed to stock advice that you should rebuild a competitor site’s profile, or that you need to hit up huge authority blogs for the best links. Yes, these things will help but often not to the same degree as a more considered approach.

SEO and seo link building services should not be a one size fits all strategy. They ideally should be bespoke services that fit within a client budget. Each site is unique and its needs are the same. What’s needed for local SEO and small businesses is a lot different than what’s required for national websites and larger.

So, if you’re looking for quality SEO services then get in touch with us – we’d love to help improve your rankings and meet your SEO goals.



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