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What to Look for in Link Building Services

So you’re looking to build links to your site. Well, if you’ve come this far you probably understand that not all links are created equally.

Look at any good quality link profile and you’ll notice one thing – diversity. The best link profiles have a wide range of links from an array of sources. So, not all guest posts, or all comments or all forum links etc. – a natural profile will be varied.

Editorial Links and Guest Posting

One of the common misconceptions of link building is that because editorial posts are more powerful than other links, a link profile mainly made up of this sort of link is better. However, in practice this isn’t the case.

Google is increasingly aware of link manipulation and a site that is top heavy with one specific link type is going to raise suspicion and won’t win the trust required by the algorithm.

Quality Link Building Services

Any good link building service will know this and inform you of this too. Link building needs to be part of a holistic strategy. Purchasing 15 editorial or guest blog links without care for any form of link diversity will only take you so far when it comes to ranking a site. Sure they are more powerful, but they aren’t natural as an isolated form of link.

If you want an idea of the sort of thing that works in your particular niche or for the keywords you and your website are targeting, then take a look at the top 2-3 link profiles of the sites ranking for that particular keyword.

Different niches often have different sorts of profiles and the ratios of comment links to guest blog links to resource links and other links, often varies greatly. I’m not saying you need to copy the profiles to the zenith as there are other factors than links when it comes to ranking. However taking on board the variety of links and a rough ratio of link types can be very helpful when it comes to your link building efforts and can save you a lot of time.

This means performing a link analysis – something that can be done with the numerous tools out there on the market. Of course, if this is something that you can’t do, we are more than happy to help.

Some great tools we use include



Open Site Explorer

Take a look through them and see what you can uncover about your site or your competitor’s sites.

Link building isn’t a straightforward process and a case of just building links. It’s a case of evaluation, outreach and some savvy.

If you are looking for link building services – we would be more than happy to help.


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