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7 Online Marketing Tips for Used Car Dealers

Many businesses out there are basking in the benefits that online marketing has brought them and base their whole marketing strategies around digital marketing. So why would the automotive market not do the same? With technology constantly growing and the online world constantly changing, it is only fitting that the automotive industry joins in on the online game.

The crucial part for car dealers to stake their claim in the online world and get customers to see their name is by staying up to date, staying connected with customers over more than one platform and much more…

  1. Connect across all social media platforms

There are so many social media platforms available to us therefore it is very important that used car dealers make themselves familiar with each platform and join the ones that are relevant to their business and can get them in touch with as many customers as possible. Place calls to action, post competitions and deals from your website on your Twitter and Facebook pages – the aim is to do as much as you can in 140 characters! Here are some tips. 

  1. Update your social media pages

If you think that posting something on your social pages every week is going to get you followers then you are very wrong! However, on the other hand, posting something every 10 seconds of the day will not get you followers either therefore it is important for you to find a middle ground.

Ideally, you want to keep your followers gradually updated throughout the course of the day which may mean that you need to post something on your social media pages every few hours of the day so you are engaging with your followers without being annoying or spammy.

Do not think that if you create a profile for your dealership on every social media platform on the planet your online presence will be boosted because that is wrong and will become very hard and time consuming to manage. Instead, you may want to focus on creating a few profiles to start off with and grow your online presence as your understanding of each platform grows.

  1. Engaging Content – Online Marketing Tips for Used Car Dealers

Quality content is a big must with social media therefore you want to make sure your posts are short and sweet and to the point! Create posts that will make your used car dealership stand out in the automotive industry so your followers will not think that your auto business is lazy or being too salesy.

In order to truly engage your online customers, you need to provide valuable, relevant resources. These can include informative emails, text message coupons, auto maintenance tips, industry news, whitepapers and so on. These resources help to establish your used car dealership marketing as an automotive authority and create ongoing interest in your customers. Also you must ensure that you link back to your website to bring in as much traffic as you can and your website must give your customers a great experience if you want them to stay.

If you are in need of a website re-glam, check out eDealer who specialise in used car dealership websites such as www.edealer.co.uk.

  1. Respond to Online Feedback Promptly

As soon as anything hits the internet it has the potential to go viral and can spread like wildfire so for the sake of your business’s reputation you must ensure that you respond quickly to positive and negative feedback. If a customer posts a comment on your Facebook or Twitter page you must reply in a professional and respectable manner and try to calm the situation because your car dealership’s reputation is on the line.

  1. Gather Feedback Easily through Surveys

It is a great idea for your business to conduct some market research when it comes to analysing your campaign. Create surveys for your customers so they can give you feedback on their experience whilst using your website, your social media campaigns and how engaging your dealership is online etc. Try to make your surveys simple and quick as more people would be willing to fill one out if they know they can get it over and done with in 30 seconds.

  1. Offer Special Marketing Promotions and Competitions

If you want to gain followers quickly then hosting a competition is the quickest and easiest way you can achieve thousands of followers in the matter of a week.

If your dealership is offering customers a little something extra than other used car dealerships then they will be more willing to purchase a car from you. Even if your price is slightly higher than the other dealers, if you are offering out a freebie then your customers would be more willing to buy from you – let’s face it we all love a freebie!

You can easily promote your contests, coupons and auto sales on your website and on your social media pages. Promotions are a great way to draw new and repeat business to your car club dealership.

  1. Create Videos

Videos are some of the most engaging things you can put on your website and social media pages. They are engaging, informative and interesting to your auto customers who would be more willing to watch a short clip about one of your products over reading a whole description about it.

Your auto videos can show so much about your product in a matter of seconds by advertising your newest vehicles or special sales. You can also show so much about your business and you are more likely to see more of an engagement online if you have videos as many people prefer to watch and share videos than read status’s. They can be all about automotive tips and can provide your customers with information they can really use and show their friends.


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