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How to Choose the Best Person for your Social Media Management

Finding a quality social media manager for your brand is important. Social media matters more now than ever before and it’s only going to be the trend in the future too.

With More channels than ever before and a global active base of over 2.2billion people, the marketplace for social media is huge. Making the most of this potential market is incredibly important and hiring a professional social media person to do so is a necessity to make your brand’s mark. So, what should you look for?

Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementWith dozens of incredibly popular social media sites now in existence, asking your potential social media manager, which they think is best for your brand is important. Some social media is more suitable to some areas than others and ensuring your potential employee understands which are best for a particular brand is a need to know.

Accomplishments for Social Media Management

Asking the social media manager are they accomplished in a social media environment and a social customer service environment and asking them to determine the difference between the two can be a true eye opener.

How to Deal with a Crisis in Social Media

The world of social media management can be one of turmoil and crisis, when things go wrong it can create all sort of potential brand problems. UK marketing recruitment specialist Spotlightrecruitment.com advise that you ask them how they would deal with such a crisis if it were to arise.

Important Social Media Metrics

Ask them how they will determine social media success. There are all sorts of metrics that allow you to showcase what’s important or not, however ask them the ones they think are most important for your brand. This gives you insight into what they determine is important. Here are some good metrics.

Blog and Social

Ask them if they have a blog and if they currently work on social media channels. The best way to determine how suitable they are is often to see the work they’ve completed.

These five different questions or queries should help you and your brand get a better idea of whether someone is up to task or not.

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