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Major SEO Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

For new bloggers SEO or search engine optimization is like a science. SEO is a process and takes time. There is plenty of information on what to do.

The best SEO information you can learn though is what not to do; things that will get you in trouble. Some of these SEO mistakes can cost you search engine rankings and reduce search traffic.

It is important to understand what these SEO mistakes are so you can stay clear of them. Here is an Infographic with SEO Mistakes to Avoid.

Wrapping it up

Don’t take short cuts or look for quick wins when it comes to SEO. In the long run the ever evolving search engines like Google will find a way to penalize black hat SEO practices. Low cost SEO or link building tactics will eventually get you in hot water, so steer clear of them.

The best advice when it comes to SEO is build link worthy content and promote the content to the best of your ability. Don’t copy content word to word; be patient and consistent with content quality and publishing frequency. Always learn SEO from the pros and not any local self proclaimed expert. Good luck with your SEO ventures.



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