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The 11 Things That Journalists Consider Newsworthy

Pitching stories to reporters is hard.

More often than not they will say no, even if you think it’s important. However, the difference between what you think is news and newsworthiness is vast.

For example, there are 33m people with HIV however it’s not important to report today. However, if we find a cure for it today, then that’s important.

It’s important to understand that reporters want a newsworthy story and want an angle they see worthy of a place in the paper or on their site.

There tend to be 11 different elements that can help you create this newsworthiness that will get you some good local coverage – here they are.

  • Conflict – this is newsworthy. People prefer an argument than people getting on
  • Local – the more local, the more likely people will be interested as it impacts on them
  • Incident – if it goes wrong or is bad news it’s more likely to be news
  • Extremes – if it’s the biggest, best, worst or smallest – it’s more likely to be included
  • News – news needs to be new – remember this
  • Big vs. Small – A small company overcoming a Goliath tends to get people’s interest. People love the little guy
  • Timely – stories that are timely and work around a big event are more likely to be covered.
  • Scandals – if it’s newsworthy it often will invoke some sort of scandal. People love gossip.
  • Incompetence – if people showcase stupidity it draws attention from the critical
  • Hook – a surprising hook gets interest. Reporters love if something surprising happens – the more shocking the better.
  • Hypocrites – Anti gun lobbyist shoots lover dead – that’s a pretty good story and one that’s delicious to a reporter.

Good newsworthy angles are a big part of link building and SEO and can help land you some great links. Understanding how to get them is important and these tips are there to help.

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