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Tory Tax Savings: 10% Off Our Services for All Torys

In the days since the UK elections we’ve seen numerous businesses across the UK jump on the anti-Tory bandwagon.

This has led to a handful of businesses up and down the UK claiming they will charge anyone who has voted for the Tories and is willing to identify themselves an extra percentage on their service – a ‘Tory Tax’ if you will.

At the least there’s a touch of bad sportsmanship to it and at the worst it can either be seen as both very childish and provocative, or hypocritically using leftist ideology as a very capitalist marketing device.

This is where your money goes.

Anyhow, to cut to the chase, we’re offering 10% off all initial internet marketing and SEO services until the 19th of May for anyone who identifies themselves as a Tory when contacting us at myonlinemarketer.co.uk.


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