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10 Tips for Creating a Great Bespoke Social Media Policy

pricing_strategyA business social media policy is a must for businesses that utilise social media for their work. Whether it’s for promotional, customer support or other activities it’s a good idea to have such a social media policy in place.

So, we’ve compiled a list of ten different things to consider when creating yours.

  • Gather your team around and talk to them about what they think should be added and why? Include people from the legal, IT, HR and social media departments as well as yourself.
  • Create a culture that will encourage people to follow best practices and be transparent
  • Look closely at the legal ramifications of such a policy and how they may impact on your company
  • Have an overall policy, but also policies for different social media sites to ensure you cover all areas
  • If you already have policies in place that cover an area of your social media policy – use them. There’s little point wasting time reinventing things
  • Show external regulations in the policy – these make it crystal clear what’s acceptable or not. These may include employment or confidentiality regulations
  • Private and personal policies provide a clear playing field what employees can talk about online when at work and at home discussing your business
  • Train all staff in social media and also to use the internet safely. Education can be a huge benefit to people that use your business social media accounts, or do anything regards the web and your business
  • Why not get a solicitor to look over your social media policy for holes
  • Use it ! Too many companies create policies and then never use them.

Follow these tips and you will be capable of creating a stead fast policy that works for your business.

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