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5 Benefits of SEO to Small Business

A lot of businesses and business owners may have never even heard of SEO before. However, they may wish they had if they knew the benefits that SEO could bring to their websites.

In fact, there are numerous ways a small business can benefit from SEO and we’re going to take a look at a few below.


Did you know that 70% of people will click on a link in the top 3 positions on the results page and 40% will click on the first positioned site? It doesn’t take a lot of explanation to expel the benefits of appearing here.

All Sizes

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from SEO. Local SEO can be one of the most beneficial things a business can take advantage of and can be relatively easy to rank for and gain traffic from.


Ensuring you have a mobile and responsive website is a must for SEO and with more searches now taking place on mobile web than through desktops you can surely see the reasons why it’s hugely beneficial to not just smart to use SEO but also to have a mobile site. Do so and you can greatly enhance your chances of ranking above competitors locally and for people using mobile in your area.

Brand Awareness

A website that’s not found is not as much use as a website that’s very apparent. Building brand awareness is one of the key reasons people have websites. By ranking well you create brand awareness that will last the test of time and plenty of Google updates too.

SEO is possibly the most effective way to spend your marketing money and delivers the best return – targeted traffic en-mass. Not all marketing mediums can say they do this nearly as efficiently as SEO.


Because the traffic is targeted the conversions tend to be higher and this means you have a higher action rate and more people purchasing your goods that you would with other forms of marketing.

SEO can have a very positive impact on your business – so why not get in touch with us at Myonlinemarketer and make more of your SEO today.

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