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5 Tips for Better Crowdfunding Marketing

You can’t crowdfund if you don’t have a crowd and getting one to take notice of your projectcrowdfunding is often one of the largest tasks that companies face when trying to get off on the right foot. So, we’ve compiled a few tips to help your business in doing so.

Go to the Crowd for Crowdfunding

Where do the people that take interest in these projects, write about them and work with them hangout? Find out where your crowdfunding backers are talking and go to them and interact in the forums, blogs, websites and the communities they hand out in. There is no accounting for how important this is.

Once they begin to take note of your amazing idea, you’re sorted and you’ll begin to see growth as word gets out. Beginning this process is like the kindling for a fire and it’s important you realise that sooner rather than later.

Facebook and Crowdfunding Marketing

Yes, Facebook is amazing for crowdfunding marketing, however you need to think outside of your immediate group on there. Friends can only carry you and your campaign so far and you need to push for the commercial audience. This may mean you need to pay for advertising, spend hours interacting with other groups, and certainly means you need to schedule regular posts. Understanding that your chances of success rely on those you don’t know and getting to know them is vital.

Trending and Hashtags

There’s always something on trend on social media and understanding this and using it to your advantage is vital. #Trendhacking as it’s known matters a lot and taking advantage of the latest Twitter trends around crowdfunding using the power of the hashtag, using wit when responding in conversations, or adding images or even memes can help you win friends and influence Twitter users.

Viral vs Vibrant

Let’s be honest the chances of going viral are slim enough, however you can make your brand and crowdfunding marketing campaign very vibrant by being consistent on social media and in communities. Daily updates are a must.

Not about you

Remember, even though people will really want to see your progress, it’s not all just about you. Keep people interested and entertained with a little love, humour and fun here and there. Focus on giving people what they want rather than what you want to give them.

These are just some great tips that will help your Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign to flourish.

What do you want from crowdfunding, why not tell us?

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